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Tim Powers Interview

Posted by: Rodger on November 13th, 2010 at 13:26
Posted in: Interviews, Movie News, On Stranger Tides, Powers News

James Blaylock and Tim Powers

Christine Amarantus has written an article for The Daily Titan of Call State Fullerton. In it, she interviews James Blaylock and Tim Powers about their time there and the early days of their writing. It covers their days with Philip K. Dick and K.W. Jeter and delves into their adventures developing novels known as steampunk. It mentions their relationship with William Ashbless who gave On Stranger Tides its name.

While Johnny Depp is expected to return as Captain Jack Sparrow for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Titans may be interested to know that the roots of it stem back to Cal State Fullerton.

Read the full article on the The Daily Titan of Call State Fullerton web site.
Photo © Janelle Conner/Daily Titan