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Category Archive: 'The Skies Discrowned'

Powers's First Editor Dies

Posted by: John on June 24th, 2007 at 12:34
Posted in: Epitaph in Rust, Powers News, The Skies Discrowned

LOCUS reports the death of Roger Elwood, SF editor and anthologist and the man behind the Laser Books series of the mid-seventies that saw Tim Powers in print with his first two novels, The Skies Discrowned and Epitaph In Rust.

Elwood, according to this Wikipedia entry about him, was something of a controversial figure in the science fiction establishment, accused of flooding the short story and anthology market to the point of saturation. Certainly his editorial policy towards Epitaph in Rust displeased Powers. However, it is clear that Elwood made a considerable contribution to the SF field and to Powers's career.

"I'll always be grateful to Roger Elwood for publishing my first two books, which I'm sure nobody else would have done, and also for nudging me into writing historical fantasy novels. Laser Books was a doorway into publishing for a lot of new writers who might otherwise have given up." -- Tim Powers