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New Version of This Site Goes Live

Posted by: John on October 24th, 2007 at 15:34
Posted in: Powers News, Site News

Welcome to the new and very much improved Works of Tim Powers! The site has had a complete overhaul, with everything being moved over to a WordPress format - one helluva job, let me tell you! Not only does this offer a much cleaner and more professional site for you to browse through, but it also makes managing it about a million times easier than the previous version.

I've taken the opportunity to check all the site's links and to bring everything bang up to date - apart from the Related Articles and Interviews page, which I'm still working on. There are some new features too - not least a Powers Artwork Gallery to which visitors, if they'd like to, can contribute any Powers drawings of their own. Also new is a lengthy article I've written updating you on my Secret Histories project, forthcoming from PS Publishing.

Given that the old site has creaked along for nine years, using code written in notepad for the most part, it's amazing that I got away with it for so long! I'll miss some of the cool themed pages, but I'm also happy to sacrifice them in order to be able to update this new site in mere minutes rather than the palaver that it used to be - which would, of course, explain the frequency of those updates - one every 18 months, on average! That said, I'd be surprised if there weren't any teething problems, so if you spot an error or a broken link, do please email me at webkeep {at} theworksoftimpowers {dot} com. And, of course, you can leave comments in response to any post on this front page section.

Huge thanks to Ariel - web supremo extraordinaire and he of UK SF Book News, and also to my good friend and faithful Igor, Herr Dirk Berger - both of whom have steered me right on this update project.

And thanks also to all those who have supported and visited this site since it was created back in 1998. Here's to another nine years, at least.


Comment from Mihaela
Time: November 1, 2007, 5:54 pm

I love this new look! Great job! faithfully reading since 1998. 😉

Comment from John
Time: November 9, 2007, 2:13 pm

Thanks Mihaela! I'm very pleased you like the new look site… here's to another (near) decade!

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