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The Skies Discrowned – Original Holograph Manuscript

Holograph Manuscript of The Skies Discrowned

Nowadays of course, writers who actually "write" rather than type are a rare commodity, but up until The Stress of Her Regard (1989), all of Powers's early drafts were written by hand. Study of these manuscript pages allows some insight into the development of the story and the frequency of the crossings out some insight into the writer's mood.

And above is the first page of the actual typescript submitted by Powers to Laser Books back in the early 1970s. Presumably the red notes are in the hand of Roger Elwood, the series editor. Other markings are probably by the copy editor.

The excerpts from THE SKIES DISCROWNED shown in these images are © Tim Powers. They are reproduced on this page with the knowledge and kind permission of the author. Thanks also to John Bierer.