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Category Archive: 'Deliver Us From Evil: A Portion and Outline'

Deliver Us From Evil: A Portion and Outline

Posted by: Rodger on August 13th, 2010 at 11:58
Posted in: Deliver Us From Evil: A Portion and Outline, Limited Editions, Powers News

Charnel House is doing a 126-copy edition of Deliver Us From Evil: A Portion and Outline. Every copy will come with a sheet of the original hand-written manuscript, which Tim wrote in 1978/9. According to Tim as posted on the Charnel House website:

It's a book proposal I sent to Lester del Rey in 1979, right after he bought The Drawing of the Dark, and, since I didn't know any better in those days, it's three chapters and an insanely detailed outline. Del Rey rejected it, of course, and twenty years ago I gave the manuscript to Joe Stefko, and he recently dug it out and decided that the (my rough guess) 20,000 word outline was so insanely detailed that it adequately continued and finished the story begun in the first three chapters. Altogether the thing is probably about 35,000 words.