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Category Archive: 'Salvage and Demolition'

Salvage and Demolition

Posted by: Rodger on July 30th, 2012 at 16:35
Posted in: Limited Editions, Salvage and Demolition

Salvage and Demolition (Subterranean Press)

Salvage and Demolition, a new 21,000 word novella, begins when Richard Blanzac, a San Francisco-based rare book dealer, opens a box of consignment items and encounters the unexpected. There, among an assortment of literary rarities, he discovers a manuscript in verse, an Ace Double Novel, and a scattering of very old cigarette butts. Without warning, Blanzac finds himself traversing a "“circle of discontinuity" that leads from the present day to the San Francisco of 1957. Caught up in that circle are an ancient Sumerian deity, a forgotten Beat-era poet named Sophie Greenwald, and an apocalyptic cult in search of the key to absolute non-existence.

You can read about it or order a copy at the Subterranean Press web site.