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Miscellany / Curiosities

The following pages offers you information on a selection of Powers related material that qualifies as neither novel nor short fiction. In a career spanning three decades, Powers has contributed to many publications, providing introductions, articles, essays, commentary, opinion, artwork, afterwords and goodness knows what else. It's a tough – if not all but impossible job – to catalogue these appearances comprehensively, but here are few interesting highlights that will, I'm sure, appeal.

Selected Powers Non-Fiction

Writers of the Future

For some years now, Powers has been involved with the L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest both as a judge and a tutor. Open to both writers and artists this contest is now firmly established as one of the premier competitions of its type in the field of science fiction. It bills itself as "An international search for new and amateur writers of new short stories or novelettes of science fiction or fantasy." You can find out more from their web site at

  • The Writers of the Future produce a yearly anthology of their work containing the best from the competition (see here for further details) and other relevant writings and Powers has twice contributed featured articles. The first is entitled Diving in at Sag Harbor can be found in Writers of the Future Volume IV. This edition was published as a paperback in 1988 by Bridge Publications Inc. and carried the ISBN 0-88404-314-2. It cost $4.95. This edition is now out of print but copies are fairly easy to locate – if you have no luck via the links already provided, try this link to ABE..
  • A short article by Powers entitled Holding Bogart's Fort appeared in Writers of the Future Volume XV. Published in paperback by Bridge Publications Inc this book carries the ISBN 1-57318-163-3, was priced at $6.99 and is still widely available – try this link to
  • And as already noted in the Short Fiction section of this site, Powers's 1986 story Night Moves was reprinted in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of the Writers of the Future, published by Bridge Publications, 2001. You can find a copy via this link to

Philip K. Dick

The friendship between Tim Powers and Philip K Dick is widely known and well documented, (see the Exclusive Author Interview for more on their relationship,) and this association has led to Powers often being asked to both speak and write about his friendship with Dick. Here is a selection of written contributions that Powers has made on the subject.

  • The second issue of The Philip K Dick Society Newsletter, December 1983 — edited by Paul Williams contains an article by Powers entitled Some Random Memories Of Philip K. Dick.
  • In the third issue, April 1984, Powers wrote a touching and personal article entitled The Death Of Philip K. Dick. This edition also features news of The Anubis Gates winning the Philip K. Dick Award.
  • Powers also contributed to issue 4, September 1984. This piece entitled Some Random Notes On Valis And Philp K. Dick's Mystical Experiences relates some fascinating insights into their friendship and reveals some interesting information regarding Dick's book Valis. Powers writes…

    "The character "David" in VALIS is based on me, and "Kevin" is K.W.Jeter — virtually everything that Kevin, David and Horselover Fat do and say, at least until they go to see the movie, Jeter, Phil and I really did do or say. (I'm tempted to say that we flew up to Sonoma too, and met the Savior, but I'll stick to the facts) and Jeter did have a cat that got run over, and I am a Roman Catholic, though I like to think I'm not quite as stupidly dogmatic as David — and we did spend many long evenings drinking cognac or scotch and trying to frame theories that would account for Phil's experiences."

  • A piece by Powers entitled Death of a Citizen appeared in issue 24 of the PSDS Newsletter, May 1990. This article had originally appeared in The Orange County Register on October 8th 1989 (although their online archive does not list the article) and again as a commentary in the Los Angeles Times, October 29th 1989.

The Philip K. Dick Newsletter is no longer published, but the editor, Paul Williams does still appear to be offering copes via his web site.

  • Powers wrote an introduction to Ubik: The Screenplay by Philip K Dick. Published in 1985 by Corroboree Press. This book was released both as as a trade hard cover (1200 copies) and a leather bound limited edition (50 copies) which featured internal illustrations and was signed by the contributors. It also contained a clipped P.K.Dick signature. Check this link to ABE for availability.
  • To The High Castle, Philip K. Dick: A Life 1929-1962, an extensive Dick biography by Gregg Rickman contains a foreword written by Powers. A trade paperback published by Fragments West/The Valentine Press, Long Beach, 1989, ISBN 0-916063-24-0, cover price $19.95. Copies can be found on ABE.
  • Powers wrote an introduction to the Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1975 – 1976. Published by Underwood Miller in 1992 as a Limited edition (ISBN 0-883733-112-2, price $60.00) and a trade hard cover (ISBN 0-88733-111-4, price $39.95). I believe there was also a deluxe lettered state as well. This volume is one of a series detailing the prolific correspondence of Philip K. Dick. The first volume, covering Dick's letters from 1938 – 1971 contains a foreword by Blaylock. Now becoming very collectable, check this ABE link for availability.

  • A 1988 edition of Philip K Dick's The Broken Bubble was published by Ultramarine Press (who also published a limited edition Powers's On Stranger Tides), contains an introduction by Powers entitled Climbing Into the Bubble With Thisbe. This was limited edition of only 150 copies that also features an afterword by James P Blaylock. Of these, 26 lettered copies were bound in full leather.

My thanks to Between The Covers Rare Books, for providing the above image of this deluxe state. Check availability for this edition of The Broken Bubble via this ABE link.

  • What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick contains a forward by Powers. This book contains transcripts of several interviews with Dick recorded shortly before his early death in 1982. Published by Overlook in 2001, this books is available in both hard cover and trade paperback – the links will take you to the respective editions on