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Normal Service Has Resumed

Posted by: Rodger on July 18th, 2010 at 16:58
Posted in: Site News

As John mentioned in his post of April 22nd, 2010, there have been some changes. My name is Rodger and I've taken over the site. Perhaps taken over is a bit aggressive. John asked me to take it over, I said OK and, with John and DT's help, moved it to the server I use for my other sites.

I'm the fellow who does work at SF Site. My title there is Publisher/Managing Editor but only because it looks good on the letterhead. I also work on a handful of other sites like those for Charles de Lint and Stephen Jones.

I first met Tim Powers back in 1984. I was a co-chair of the World Fantasy Convention held in my home town. It had been a hectic weekend. For example, The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub had just been released and just about everyone wanted to get their book signed and spend a moment with the authors. Both of them were gracious in wanting to accommodate everybody.

On Sunday after the banquet, the planned events were wrapping up and I had just left the head table and undid my tie when I was approached by Tim and James Blaylock who stopped me to introduce themselves. I just about swooned. Two of my then and still favourite authors were in town. They thanked me for the grand time they were having and gave me a copy of Offering The Bicentennial Edition of The Complete Twelve Hours of the Night.

I've been re-introduced to Tim Powers many times since. I still buy all of his books and read them immediately and read them again some time later. I'm still a fan and he is still one of my favourite authors. I only hope I can keep up the quality of information and detail that John has gathered and posted. If not, I imagine he'll let me know.

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