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Dinner at Deviant's Palace

After the huge critical acclaim he received for The Anubis Gates, Powers changed tack completely with Dinner At Deviant's Palace. Going back to his early science fiction roots, Deviant's Palace is set in a post apocalyptic LA. This is the story of one Gregorio Rivas and his quest to rescue his first love from the clutches of the sinister and highly dangerous religious cult of Norton Jaybush. As with so many Powers heroes, the road to Rivas's goal is paved with dangers both spiritual and physical and he comes through the journey both less and more of the man he was.

US Editions

US Editions

The first edition was published by Ace , a paperback original carrying the ISBN 0-441-14879-4. The price was $2.95 with cover art by John Berkey. This edition is readily available on the collectors market in conditions varying from simple second-hand reading copies to fine copies signed by Powers. This link to ABE will show you what is currently available on-line. The uncorrected proof (pictured above left) is far scarcer, but copies can still be found by the determined collector – follow this ABE link for any currently being offered on the dealer market.

Dinner at Deviant's Palace was published by the Science Fiction Book Club (see below). This was a hard cover edition issued in a dust jacket and was released in September 1985. Essentially a reprint under license of the Ace text, copies feature the Ace logo on its spine. This edition did not carry any ISBN, but instead has the SFBC ident number #02540 and it sold to club members for $4.98. The artwork is by Ron Walotsky. This edition is fairly easy to locate online – check eBay for copies or try this link to ABE.

Ace reissued their paperback edition of Dinner At Deviant's Palace in May 1991. ISBN 0-441-14878-6, the selling price was $3.95 and copies feature a variant cover layout to the paperback original. Interestingly, clean copies of this reissue are not at all easy to locate.

US Editions


Dinner at Deviant's Palace won the 1986 Phillip K. Dick Award for best novel. The second time Powers has scooped this prestigious accolade. In addition to this it was also nominated for the 1985 Nebula Award and came seventh in the 1986 LOCUS Poll for best science fiction novel.

UK Editions

UK Editions

The UK edition of Dinner At Deviant's Palace was issued by Chatto & Windus in 1986, who the year before had published The Anubis Gates. C&W followed the exact same format they had used with that previous release, prior to publication they issued an uncorrected proof, then published a hard cover (ISBN 0-7011-2972-7, £9.95) and a trade paperback (ISBN 0-7011-3052-0, £3.95) simultaneously. The cover art was again by Don Macpherson. The hard cover seems to be readily available on the collectors market – this link to ABE will show you what is currently available. Oddly, copies of the trade paperback can be harder to track down, and predictably copies of the proof are extremely scare. However, determined collectors should be able to locate copies of both – I did!

There was one subsequent reprint published in the UK by Grafton in May 1987. With artwork by Gino d'Achille, the ISBN is 0-586-07105-9 and this book originally sold for £2.95. This copy is very hard to find in fine condition on the collectors market – though you might find one via ABE.

Subterranean Limited Edition

Subterranean Ltd Edition

In 2001 Subterranean Press produced a signed limited edition of Dinner at Deviant's Palace. This was a hard cover release with artwork by J.K.Potter (who has illustrated a number of Powers books). Navy boards with metallic violet lettering on the spine. 252pp. This edition was limited to 750 signed and numbered copies and priced at $40.00, ISBN 1-892284-84-7 – no lettered state was produced, however there is an uncorrected proof state which is extremely scarce. This edition in hard cover though is relatively easy to locate. You should be able to find copies at reasonable prices via this link to ABE.

Foreign Language Editions

French EditionEditions

  • French Le Palais Du Deviant was first published by Éditions La Découverte, 1986 as a large format trade paperback (pictured left). J'ai Lu subsequently issued two mass market paperback editions of this translation, the first in 1989 and the second in 1995.

Italian Editions

  • Italian Il Palazzo Del Mutante was first published by Editrice Nord (Milan) as a trade paperback issued in 1987. This edition does not list an ISBN. A brand new translation entitled Invito al Palazzo del Deviante was published in mass market paperback by Fanucci Editore in 2000.

Finnish and Spanish Editions

  • Finnish Paheiden Palatsi – A hardcover with illustrated boards published in 1990 by Kirjayhtymä.
  • SpanishCena En El Palacio De La Discordia – A trade paperback published by Ediciones Martinez Roca in1991. The cover art was by Jim Burns. A variant of this edition was produced for sale in Mexico.

Japanese and Portuguese Editions

  • JapaneseKijinkyu no Utage – A small format paperback edition was published by Hayakawa in1988. This edition has green wraps and was issued in a dust wrapper.
  • Portuguese O Palacio dos Pervertidos – A paperback edition published in Brazil in 1993.

Russian Editions

  • RussianUshin vo Dvorzye Isvrasheniy. Two hardcover editions were published simultaneously in Russia in 2005.

Serbian Edition

  • SerbianGozba kod Devijanta. The Sirius Publishing House of Branislav Kuzmic in Belgrade (Serbia) has published Dinner at Deviant's Palace in 2010 in the Serbian language. The cover art was done by Željko Pahek and the translation by Sebastian Adanko. It's available at METAR KNJIGA.