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Earthquake Weather

Set in the same magical contemporary setting as Last Call and Expiration Date, Powers's 1997 novel Earthquake Weather allowed us to journey once again with some of the very same characters we met in those two previous books. It also introduced some extraordinary new ones. Of particular note is Janis Cordelia Plumtree — a character Powers uses to further explore and develop his fascination with body switching, her multiple personalities all vying and competing with each other for control.

Powers himself who refers to the three books as a loose trilogy. "I planned them as a sort of year's cycle, dealing with Spring in LAST CALL, Fall in EXPIRATION DATE, and Winter in EARTHQUAKE WEATHER."

Some months before it's eventual publication an excerpt of Earthquake Weather appeared in issue#3 of Dark's Art Parlour – The periodical of Dark Art. This lavishly produced magazine may well still be available as a back issue – check out their web site to see if any are still available.

UK Editions

As with Expiration Date before it, Earthquake Weather was first published in the UK. It was originally bought as the first book in a two book deal by then Legend editor John Jarrold – the second book in the deal being a proposed sequel to The Anubis Gates. Due to a number of reasons, this second novel never got written (we live in hope though!) but the first, Earthquake Weather, was published in hard cover in July 1997 (above left). This was the apparently the last hard cover produced under the Legend imprint before they evolved into Orbit, and had a very small print run of only around 800 copies. It carried the ISBN 0-09-956011-9 and a cover price of £17.99. The edition featured cover art by Paul Campion. No proofs were produced.

A mass market paperback edition (above right) was published in the UK by Orbit in May 1998. ISBN 1-85723-623-8, it cost £6.99. The cover features the same art as the original first edition, though looking closely it seems that the central image has been reversed for some reason. The layout, colouring and lettering was also slightly altered.

Although it only had a modest print run, copies of the Legend hard cover are not hard to find on the collectors market, and prices do fluctuate, making it a simple matter to get hold of a copy at a very reasonable price. Check ABE or eBay for what is currently available. Reading copies and examples of the market edition can be found via the same links.

US Editions

The US edition was published by Tor Books in October 1997, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "First Edition" – this is not the case as the British hard cover preceded it by some months.

The US hard cover edition (above centre) features cover art by Michael Koelsch (who also did the jacket art for Tor's edition of Expiration Date). ISBN 0-312-86163-X, list price is $24.95. An uncorrected proof (above left) was also produced. The mass market edition (above right) was published by Tor in November 1998 and features the same artwork as the hard cover but with a slightly different layout. This edition carries the ISBN 0812555198 and is priced at $6.99. I believe this edition was reprinted at least once. Both these Tor releases are now out of print, but you can still locate copies very easily. Try eBay or follow this link to ABE. You can probably also still locate the Tor hard cover or the mass market edition via these links to

Earthquake Weather was also included in Fault Lines, an omnibus edition published by the Science Fiction Book Club that also included Expiration Date – further details on this edition can be found on the Expiration Date page of this site. For copies of Fault Lines, check this link to ABE.

Most recently, Orb (an imprint of Tor Books) has reissued a trade paperback edition of Earthquake Weather, published in October 2007. This edition followed their reissue of Expiration Date and was simlarly given new (and matching) cover art credited to "Sara Hayward / Digital Vision". It carried the ISBN 978-0-7653-1822-0 and was priced at $15.95. This edition is available online and you can help this web site by ordering via this link to

Foreign Language Editions

US Editions

To date, only two foreign language editions of Earthquake Weather have been published.

  • GermanDas Blut des Königs – a paperback original edition published in two parts by Heyne, Munich in 2002. ISBN pt one 3-453-19638-4, pt two 3-453-19644-9. The translation was by
    Michael Koseler. In what I think was a very misleading move, Heyne chose artwork by the late Josh Kirby for their covers of these editions, giving the impression that the book is some kind of Pratchett-like humorous fantasy.
  • PolishSejsmiczna Pogoda – mass market paperback published by Zysk i S-ka, Warsaw in 2004. Translated by Mirosław P. Jabłonski. ISBN 83-7298-569-3