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Hide Me Among the Graves

"Winter, 1862. A malevolent spirit roams the cold and gloomy streets of Victorian London, the vampiric ghost of John Polidori, the onetime physician of the mad, bad and dangerous Romantic poet Lord Byron. Polidori is also the supernatural muse to his nice and nephew, poet Christina Rossetti and her artist brother Dante Gabriel.

But Polidori's taste for debauchery has grown excessive. He is determined to possess the life and soul of an innocent young girl, the daughter of a veterinarian and a reformed prostitute he once haunted. And he has resurrected Dante's dead wife, transforming her into a horrifying vampire. The Rossettis know the time has come – Polidori must be stopped. Joining forces with the girls unlikely parents, they are plunged into a supernatural London underworld whose existence they never suspected.

These Wildly mismatched allies – a strait-laced animal doctor, and ex-prostitute, a poet, a painter, and even the Artful Dodger-like young daughter – must ultimately choose between the banality and constraints of human life and the unholy immortality that Polidori offers. Sweeping from high society to grimy slums, elegant West End salons to pre-Roman catacombs beneath St. Paul's cathedral, Hide Me Among The Graves blends the historical and the supernatural in a dazzling, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride."

US Editions

Due to be published in the US by William Morrow in March 2012, Hide Me Among The Graves will be the first Powers novel in six years. The book will be released in hard cover, priced at $25.99, ISBN 978-0-06-123154-4. It will also be issued in eBook, price TBC, ISBN 978-0-06-210128-0.

Here's an image of the uncorrected proof of the forthcoming US edition.

A limited edition will also be published – probably simultaneously with the US 1st edition – by Charnel House, who have previously published a number of Powers titles, notable The Stress of Her Regard, to which this new novel has strong connections. There are no details available as yet regarding this proposed Charnel House release.

UK Edition

Also simultaneous with the US 1st will be the UK edition, due to be published by Corvus in March 2012. This will be a hard cover release, priced at £17.99, ISBN 978-1848874053. This is an early cover design, but it has yet to be confirmed if this is how the book will look.

More news on other editions as we get it.