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The Anubis Gates – Foreign Language Editions – Page Two

Japanese Editions

  • Japanese – Released as Anubisu No Mon in 1993 by Hayakawa Publishing. This edition was issued in two parts, both small format paperback editions with wrap around covers.

Russian Editions

  • Russian – Two Russian editions of Vrata Anubisa have been published, both hardcovers issued in pictorial boards. The first edition was released in 1997 by AST. A new edition, this one released by AST Yermak followed in 2005.

Czech Editions

  • Czech The Anubis Gates has twice appeared in the Czech Republic under the title Brány Anubisovy. The first edition was published in 1996, a paperback released by Najada. A reissue was subsequently released in 2005 with new cover art by Laser Books.

Hungarian Editions

  • Hungarian – Another two-part paperback release, this one released in Hungary in 2001 by publisher Valhalla Páholy as Anubisz Kapui. The second volume contains a short biographical article on the author and a simple bibliography.

Portuguese & Turkish Editions

  • Portuguese – Released in Brazil back in 1993, this paperback edition entitled Os Portais de Anubis was published by Editora 34.
  • Turkish – This Turkish translation uses the same cover art by Jean-Francis Podevin as the US trade paperback edition. Anubis Kapilari was a paperback published by Ithaki Yaymlari in 2001.

Hebrew & Chinese Editions

  • Hebrew – This Hebrew translation, Shaarei Anubis was published as a trade paperback in Israel by Opus in 2000. The translator was Vered Tuchterman.
  • Chinese – The first ever Chinese translation of a Powers novel was published in Taiwan under the title a nu bi se zhi men. The book was a trade paperback release, issued by Locus Publishing in 2004.

If you know of any foreign language editions of The Anubis Gates not listed here, please contact me.