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Related Articles and Interviews

In a career stretching back to the mid 70s, Powers has given many interviews over the years – far too many to comprehensively list – and with the arrival of the internet, opportunities for writers to discuss their work in forums and on blogs have increased many times over. This site features perhaps the most incisive and in-depth interview with Powers. If you have not already visited, check out the Exclusive Author Interview page.


The premier industry magazine, LOCUS has been central to the Science Fiction and Publishing industry for nearly thirty years. Powers interviews have featured in a number of editions, and reviews of his works, along with new reports of his various career milestones have appeared over the years. Note that LOCUS is currently offering site visitors the chance get the edition containing their most recent Powers interview free with a subscription – follow the link for details. Below are the LOCUS issues relevent to Powers fans with the most recent first. If anyone can add to this list, please contact me at webkeep {at} theworksoftimpowers {dot} com.

  • LOCUS Issue #554, Vol 58 No 3 — March 2007. A long and fascinating featured interview with Powers entitled Follow The Arrows focussing largely on the process of writing Three Days to Never. Powers also appears on the front cover. Visit LOCUS for their offer on this back issue, free with a subscription.
  • has a Powers interview from 2005, conducted by Ken Rand.
  • LOCUS Issue #493, Vol 48 No 2 — February 2002. This issue features an interview conducted by LOCUS editor Charles N. Brown at the World Fantasy convention in Montreal in November 2001 in which Powers discusses his award winning novel Declare at some length.
  • Here's another 2002 interview, this time with Robin Catesby, courtesy of
  • LOCUS Issue #446, Vol.40 No,3 — March 1998. Powers appears in dramatic pose on the cover of this edition, which features an extensive interview with the author. Here he talks at some length about the Fisher King trilogy and also about his work on Declare.
  • LOCUS Issue #408, Vol.?? No,? — January 1995. A news item relates the sale of Expiration Date and Earthquake Weather to Beth Meacham at Tor for a six figure sum, resolving the issue reported directly below..
  • LOCUS Issue #407 Vol.??, No. ?? — December 1994 has a short article entitled Powers Buys Book Back. This piece relates the wrangles of Expiration Date. The novel had originally been planned by publishers William Morrow to follow Last Call. However internal problems at the publishing house prompted Powers's agent Russell Galen to buy the book back, offering it and the next planned Powers novel up for auction. The main complication to this? It left Powers owing his advance back to Morrow – plus interest!
  • LOCUS Issue #396, Vol.32, No.1 — Jan 1994. This lengthy interview entitled Tim Powers : Joke Booths on the Way In gives a fascinating insight into the author's methods. "Right now, I am theoretically finishing up a book I've been working on since '91, which I think is going to be called Expiration Date . It takes place in Los Angeles and involves ghosts …" This issue of LOCUS also features reports on the 1993 World Fantasy Convention complete with photos of Powers clutching the best Novel award he won for Last Call.
  • LOCUS Issue #305, Vol.18, No.6 — June 1986. Tim Powers : Awards, but no Credit. A longish interview detailing Powers's career at the time he was writing The Stress of Her Regard. He says of his historical fiction, "…It's fun, but it's not all I want to do. I'm glad Dinner at Deviant's Palace seems to be getting a good reception, because for me it's a change of pace. The after-the-cataclysm world is one I've always admired …" He also goes on to say "…Someday I'd like to write an espionage novel, a real murky, tangled, Le Carre-Forsythe-type thing.", an ambition he achieved with Declare.
  • LOCUS Issue #292, Vol.18, No.5 — May 1985. A short interview entitled Tim Powers : Ten Years a Pro. "Right now I'm writing a book for Del Rey … the working title is On Stranger TidesHistorical fiction is a form I'm at home with and can have lots of fun with and can have clowns on stilts with their heads on fire running through all the time. I think I'll stay with that form for a while."
  • LOCUS Issue #280, Vol.17, No 5 — May 1984. A short feature in the news section – Tim Powers Wins Philip K. Dick memorial Award. The accompanying photograph shows a very young Powers accepting the award from Tom Disch and Anthony Wolk.

Selected Print Interviews

Can you add to this list? If so, please contact me – webkeep {at} theworksoftimpowers {dot} com.

  • The short-lived British genre magazine Odyssey Issue 3, 1998 features a "conversation" with Powers entitled Showing it Like it Was, conducted by Janet Barron
  • Science-Fiction Studies Issue #74, Vol 25 Part 1, March 1998 features an insightful and lengthy interview conducted by Fiona Kelleghan. This interview is also available to view on-line.
  • The May 1994 issue of Science Fiction Chronicle has A conversation with Tim Powers conducted by Richard Starr.
  • The Philip K Dick Society Newsletter #pkds20 — April 1989 contains an article entitled The Phil Wars. This features a transcription of a panel discussion at Armadillocon 10, a science fiction convention that took place in Austin, Texas in October 1988. The subject was Memories of Philip K Dick and taking part were Powers, James P Blaylock and K.W. Jeter.
  • An interview with Tim Powers and James P Blaylock appeared in the Philip K Dick Society Newsletter #pkds 8 — September 1985. Conducted by Andy Watson and J.B. Reynolds. An edited version of this interview was printed in the summer 1986 issue of Science Fiction Review.

Selected On-Line Interviews

Googling Tim Powers will bring up any number of related on-line interviews, blog entries and commentary. Here is a selection of the most relevant.