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Short Fiction 2000 – 2007

The Devils in the Details
Through and Through
Fifty Cents
written with James P. Blaylock

In 2003 Subterranean Press released a volume collecting together three new stories by Powers and Blaylock.

The volume was titled The Devil in the Details, which was in fact the title of the solo Blaylock story in the volume. As well as this, the volume contained a new solo Powers Powers story, Through and Through and new collaboration between the two writer entitled Fifty Cents.

The Devils in the Details was issued in two states, both issued in a dust jacket featuring cover art by Phil Parks – there were 1250 cloth bound copies, issued in a dust jacket and signed by Powers and Blaylock. This edition has a cover price of $35.00 and carried the ISBN 1-931081-89-1. It contained an introduction by Powers and was supposed to also contain an Afterword by Blaylock. However due to a production error, the Blaylock piece was not including in the finished book and was instead bundled along with it as a chapbook (see image above). Bizarrely, the lettered, leather bound state state of The Devils in the Details did include the Blaylock piece and also an additional piece by William Ashbless, although there is no reference to this latter contribution on the contents page of the book. This lettered states was limited to 52 copies, each housed in a custom made tray case and released at $175.00. An uncorrected proof was also apparently also produced, although I have never seen a copy.

Both Through and Through and Fifty Cents were reprinted in Strange Itineraries.

Though now out of print, it is not hard to locate copies of The Devils in the Details – try this direct link to

Pat Moore

In 2004, following on from the 1999 appearance of Itinerary in 999, Powers contributed to second anthology edited by Al Sarrantonio. Flights – subtitled Extreme Visions of Fantasy – contained an all new Powers tale, Pat Moore, and was published in hard cover by Roc, priced at $24.95, ISBN 0-451-45977-6. Flights appeared again in 2005 as a trade paperback ($16.00, ISBN 0-451-46036-7) and a mass market edition, split into two volumes, was released the following year. Pat Moore appears in Volume One, the price of which was $7.99, ISBN 0-451-46097-7.

Here are direct Amazon links to help you locate copies of the hard cover, the trade paperback or the volume one of the mass market edition edition.

Pat Moore appeared in Strange Itineraries and was also as subsequently reprinted in the following…

  • It appeared in Fantasy: The Best of 2004 , a collection edited by Karen Haber and Jonathan Stahan. This was a paperback original edition published by Ibooks, priced $7.99, ISBN 1-4165-0400-1.
  • It was also reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy 5 , edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer – another paperback original round-up collection. This one was published by Eos in 2005. Cover price $7.99, ISBN 0-060-77605-6.

The Bible Repairman

In 2005 Subterranean Press released an original chapbook of a brand new Powers short story, The Bible Repairman. A particularly nice production, it featured interior illustrations by the author. It was released in the following states…

  • 574 individually numbered staple bound chapbooks signed by Powers. These are bound in maroon card and feature a detail from one of the author's drawings used as the cover illustration. Priced at $18.00, ISBN 0-59606-046-8.
  • A further 1000 copies were also issued, the copyright page of which states "Second Printing". Though these were originally announced (on the publisher's web site) as unsigned, all copies were apparently signed by the author. They were also offered at $18.00 and bear the same ISBN as the first printing.
  • 26 individually lettered hard cover copies bound in maroon cloth. Signed by Powers. Originally, these were announced as a tray cased edition, with the Publisher applying a cover price of $225.00. However, just prior to delivery, the publisher announced that they had been unable to manufacture tray cased for such a slim volume and the price was dropped to $75.00, with the difference refunded to those who had pre ordered.
  • A further three copies were produced – the "Author's State" – these were lavishly bound and housed in an oversized tray case. Each was issued with one of the three original Powers illustrations and though they were not offered openly for sale, they were offered by Camelot Books at $1200.00 each.

Though The Bible Repairman is undoubtedly a nicely done chapbook, it is my opinion that Subterranean's eagerness to release their second printing really devalues their first printing as far as bona fide collectors go. The existence of this second printing, a book all but identical to the first and one that is also signed, somehow diminishes the pleasure of owning the first printing and – again, this is only my opinion – similarly diminishes the collectability of this title. Completists may well want both editions, but my advice to general collectors is to try and find a first printing. You best bet for that? Try this link to ABE, but be sure to check with the dealer that it is a first printing you're buying.

If you don't wish to pay a premium for the Subterranean limited edition, you'll also find the story reprinted in The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year Volume 1, an anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan, published by Nightshade Books in 2007. This trade paperback edition brings together a fantastic selection of work and was issued in trade paperback, priced at $19.95, ISBN 1-59780-068-6.

An uncorrected proof copy was also produced.

A Soul in a Bottle

2006 saw another original Powers work released by Subterranean Press, this time a brand new novella length piece entitled A Soul in a Bottle. This was a really gorgeous little book of the highest quality. The cover art was by J.K. Potter, who also the provided internal artwork and the book was released in the following states…

    Trade Edition – this was a hard cover, cloth bound release (pictured above left) issued at $22.00 with the ISBN 1-59606-075-1.

  • Numbered, leather bound, hard cover state – limited to 500 individually numbered copies, signed by Powers. This release (pictured above right) had different cover art to the trade edition. It was issued with a cover price of $45.00, ISBN 1-59606-074-3. Copies were issued with three typed poems laid in on separate sheets, as written by Cheyenne Fleming – the dead poet whose ghost haunts the story.
  • A further twenty six copies were individually lettered, but were not offered for sale, presumably intended for the publisher and author to distribute privately.
  • A soft cover uncorrected proof copy was also produced for early review and circulation to the book selling trade.

Copies of both the trade and limited states appear to still be available from the publisher. Alternatively you can help this site by ordering via this link to (who are offering an excellent price!). For copies of the proof or the lettered states, your best bet will be to regularly visit this link to ABE to see if any are currently on offer.

Short Works Announced and Forthcoming

A new Powers story entitled The Hour of Babel is due to be included in a Subterranean : Tales of Dark Fantasy, a brand new collection in the pipeline from Subterranean Press. No news on when this is due, or what form it will take, but as soon as I do know, details will be published on this site, so do check back.

Also announced is a brand new Powers work to be published by Charnel House. The original news post can be found here on the front page of this web site, and again, as soon as I know anything more, I will post updates.